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Diego would make a wonderful companion for many reasons. He is a happy, friendly, loving, energetic, adventurous pup! He is a lovely dog looking for a lovely home to call his own.

Sweet and Sociable! Diego is a very happy and good-natured dog who likes meeting new people. He has been well behaved with the children he has met so far. He is especially affectionate towards his foster family members and enjoys a nice snuggle.

Fantastic Friend! Diego loves spending time with dogs that he knows well. He also appreciates the company of unfamiliar dogs but tends to approach slowly until he is comfortable. He has to learn to respect personal space with smaller dogs and cats and is friendly towards them.

Excitable and Energetic! Diego is a bundle of energy and needs a good amount of mental and physical stimulation to be content. He is a blank slate when it comes to training and would do best in a home willing to start him on the basics. He would be a great adventure dog as he loves to spend time outdoors and on walks. Diego has a strong instinct to chase and would probably enjoy learning fetch or frisbee. He also likes to play with his toys and with his canine friends