Sandy Lane

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Sandy Lane is an affectionate and gentle dog, who is pretty low key, despite her young age. She came to Friends For Life when her rescuer and caregiver, an older gentleman, sadly realized that he was no longer able to care for her. It was clear when she came to stay with her new fosters that Sandy Lane had been well-loved throughout her life with her former caregiver.
Here are some key details about life with Sandy Lane:
* She is absolutely, 100% housetrained. She has never had an accident in her foster’s home and prefers to do her “business” in the backyard.
* She has never shown any destructive behavior, even when left home alone.
* A lovely companion at the dog park, Sandy Lane can also make a great pal for a friendly, laid back dog, as long as she doesn't have to share her food and chew toys.
* Sandy Lane is an extremely quiet dog and rarely ever utters a sound. She's also very calm indoors, happy to curl up by your side while you read a book.
* Because she'd only really known her original caregiver her entire first year of life, Sandy Lane can take some time meeting new friends and is better with older, quiet, and respectful children.
* Despite everything being in her reach, she's never stolen from trash bins, tables or counters.
* Sandy Lane loves long car rides! She's a calm and well-behaved co-pilot.
* She's marvelous at long walks and runs, since she generally doesn't pull on leash.
Sandy Lane had all the love she could ask for in the first chapter of her life, but her whole situation changed, due to no fault of her own. Now, she's ready to move on to her new home ... this time, for life. Could you be the one to pick up where her kind caregiver left off?