• 6 years old
  • Male

Ready and waiting to be your Beaker full of love!

About Beaker

“What’s orange and white and loveable all over?  It’s me!  I’m Beaker—and I’m currently looking for a new forever family to call my own.

Don’t ask me how I got my name—I didn’t pick it, but I think it makes me more interesting and unique than your run of the mill Fluffy or Patches. You know what else makes me special? My amazing purrsonality of course. I’m a chill guy who enjoys the company of humans but isn’t demanding. Sure, I like to play, but I’m just as content to lounge in a sunny window as I am chasing a toy. My easy-going nature will make me an ideal fit for a variety of living situations.  A warm safe space to call home and a loving new human best friend is all I need to make my life complete.  Oh, and did I mention head scratches, because I really love those.

Why not apply to adopt me today? I’m ready and waiting to be your beaker full of love.”


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