Big Boy

  • 7 years old
  • Male

A kitty with so much love to give!

About Big Boy

“Hi! My name is Big Boy and although I am obviously rather large, “big” really refers to my heart. You won’t have encountered a kitty with so much love to give. I love to be petted!

I am well behaved and have good manners and I love to be petted! I enjoy a good conversation and sometimes like to play, but I really just love to be petted! I adore cozy snuggles, head scritches and chin scratches – did I mention I love to be petted?

Despite the fact that I have had some misfortune, I’m as sweet and affectionate as can be. I’ve been described as a “floofball” which I think means I love to be petted.

I’m soft and silky, like velvet to touch. As you look at me, I know you can already feel my fur under your fingers and you’re thinking, ‘I bet he loves to be petted’.”


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