• 5 years old
  • Male

I am longing for the opportunity to show my affection!

About Billy

“Hello there! My name is Billy and I’m so pleased to start the New Year by making your acquaintance!

This is the time for hope and resolutions and I’m bursting with both! My biggest hope is that I will find someone to love me and offer me a fur-ever home. And my biggest resolution is to be the best kitty I can be!

I’ve been through some difficult times but hope and resolution (along with lots of love and TLC!) have helped me on the road to recovery. I am now ready to return that love and am longing for the opportunity to show my affection.

Would you be willing to give me that opportunity? What better way to start the New Year than with a new friend? I know you won’t regret it!”

Energy Level

I'd really love it if we could play sometimes!


Sure, we can snuggle.

Friendly with strangers

Yes, with proper introductions.


I'm a super considerate housemate.


I’d do well in a home with teenagers (13+)


I don’t know yet – I’ve never met a dog before.


Probably – with proper introductions, I can get along with most cats.



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