• 1 year old
  • Male

Ready and waiting to be yours forever!

About Blackberry

“Funny thing about black kitties like me, humans always seem to have an opinion about us. Some of the unenlightened ones still hold onto that old myth about bad luck.  To that, I say “NO WAY!” I’m Blackberry, and I’m loveable living proof that the opposite is true.

In fact, you’ll feel like the luckiest human on earth when you adopt me. Why, you ask? Well, obviously I’m gorgeous—just look at my shining coat and sparkling eyes! What’s more, I’m sweet, well behaved, and get along with everyone. I absolutely love to play, and I can be cuddly too.

The best part is that I’m ready and waiting to be yours forever, so apply to adopt me today and get ready to change your luck for the better.”


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