• Born: May 2015
  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: Absolutely!
  • Cats: Absolutely!

I’m always looking for some furry friends!

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2020)

“I’m Buddha and I love to rub up against large dogs; how weird is that? Cats are great too, especially my brother, Diesel; he makes me braver.  It takes me a bit to get over my shyness and warm up to humans, but once I do, I’m a quite a character.  I have a favorite toy, a sock, and I love to chatter away to it.  After a good conversation, I might curl up with Diesel, lean into you for some pets or ask you to let me curl up in your lap and maybe bring my sock with me.

Sometimes I like people food…keep the counters cleared off because I will be tempted to help myself to your dinner. But if you want my help cleaning up after dinner, I’m there for you!

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