• 5 years old
  • 62 lbs
  • Male

Burrito's journey has been nothing short of remarkable!

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About Burrito

Coming to the shelter in tremendous pain, he could barely walk a single step due to being massively overweight and needing serious surgery on both of his back legs. He was sad, frightened and unsure there was a lot left to hope for. Over the next several months, that glimmer has turned into a full, bright shine you can see from his head to his tail!

Burrito has lost an incredible 25 pounds and had the surgeries and care he needed to give him back the energy and mobility that every 5 year old dog deserves. He is currently recovering from his second surgery, so he will need to see his vet a few more times to monitor his progress (his first surgery went incredibly well with a speedy recovery!) Though he won’t be running any marathons anytime soon, he goes on short daily walks to build his stamina and is taking fewer and fewer breaks as he loves to keep up and see the world! Each day he goes a little bit further than the last- he has no shortage of determination!

Burrito has weathered what we hope are the worst of his days and has done it all with love, patience…and more than a little bit of mischief!

After some trials and tribulations, Burrito finally found a kibble he loves and he can easily be persuaded to take his required daily medications inside a pill pocket (a treat is a treat after all!) Burrito has worked so hard to get healthy, so his family will need to keep him on a very strict diet to make sure his health stays on track. His foster parents have watched his unique personality come to life during his transformation, and have these tips to give for anyone considering making him a part of their family:

Burrito is curious, playful and brilliant! He would love to live with a family where someone is around most of the time to keep him company. If they play with him, even better!

Burrito has had a large Bernese/Shepherd dog sister and a smaller cat sister that he gets along with splendidly…but as his pent up energy increases with his mobility, he’ll need exercise and enrichment to keep him from going from 0-100 in a hurry. A fun playmate (or two!) that can be calm and cautious not to play too hard will be great teachers and keep him from injuring himself or others.

He is an incredibly good listener and fast learner! He will watch everything you do and learn things you can’t even imagine. He can figure out puzzles and learn new commands and he loves a challenge!

Burrito loves attention more than anything! He loves to be near you, put his paws on you and longingly stare at you to show you how happy he is. He will show you how much he loves you ALL DAY. 

He loves his foster and extended shelter family, but meeting new people (especially at his home) is still really scary for him. Luckily, new friends with treats and lots of patience quickly become part of his tribe once he makes that happy connection!

Burrito has 3 favorite activities: laying on his back and kicking his legs in the air for fun (horizontal running until he can do the real thing!) Completely wrapping himself up in blankets  (living up to his name, making a self-Burrito and sleeping this way for hours) and laying next to a door or window to bask in the sunshine and watch the world go by!

Energy Level

I enjoy a good walk or the occasion game of fetch, but I'm also chill without it.


Sure, we can snuggle.

Friendly with strangers

Yes, with proper introductions.


I'm a pro!


I’d do well in a home with older children (10+)


I take a few minutes to warm up to other dogs, but then we’re best friends!


Yes, with proper introductions.


Recovering from 2nd knee surgery

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