• Born: May 2022
  • Gender: Female
  • Health: Good
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: No experience
  • Cats: Absolutely!

She will shower you with little kitty kisses!

Precious little Calzone’s story started out very sad.  You see, when Calzone was just a baby kitten she was very sick. Even though she is healthy now, her rough start in life left her a little bit quieter and slower than her siblings to catch on to fun cat things like playtime and treats. That didn’t stop this tiny but mighty princess from trying though, and now that Calzone is catching up with her siblings, she has become a playful purr machine that will boldly adventure up to the highest branch of the cat tree without fear. 

Sweet and friendly, Calzone loves to be where the people are.  This lovely little doll lives for pettings and is a lover of laps. She even gives adorable little kitty kisses and will let you hold her close and pet her tiny head.  Calzone will make the perfect addition to a loving home. Apply to adopt precious Calzone today and get ready for a lifetime of love.

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