• 2 years old
  • 79 lbs
  • Male

Life is always better with more Cash!

About Cash

Cash a dog who looks at his crate like it’s a five-star hotel suite and doesn’t bat an eyelid if you take away his toy or food. 

He’s a smart boy who knows sit, touch, place and kennel. He’s super smart and learns really quickly! He lives with foster dogs and cats and is picking up on social cues from the dogs and is respectful of the cats as well.

On a walk, he’s the gentleman of the dog park—cordial on and off the leash. He’s a magnet for people, likely because he insists on being a lapdog. It is no wonder he’s on a first-name basis with every child in the neighborhood. And his party trick? Making you throw toys just above him for an immediate catch—like a pro outfielder! The only area he’s still mastering? Jumping. But hey, nobody’s pawfect!

Cash’s loyalty shines brighter than any treasure. His cuddle skills? Pure gold. If dogs had resumes, Cash’s would read: Loyal buddy, part-time lap warmer, and pro toy catcher. 

Just remember to always pay him in cuddles and treats!“


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