Cee Cee

  • 1 year old
  • Female

CeeCee stands for more than cool and collected!

About Cee Cee

“Hello there Human. Let me introduce myself. I’m CeeCee. Wonder how I got my name?  Is it because I’m cute and curious? Well, obviously—Just look at my adorable little face and bright eyes.  Or maybe it’s because I’m calm and collected. I get along with almost everyone I meet and don’t take long to adapt to new situations. I’m also super chill and content to hang out alone or with other kitties if they’re around. I’m cool as a cucumber and ready to learn a few tricks if you’ve got some tasty treats.  Can you “Cee” how purrfect I am? I’ve got a heart of gold and I’m ready to give it to a special person who will give me all the love I deserve. Will that be you?”



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