• 6 years old
  • 51 lbs
  • Male

I'm the perfect blend of goofiness and charm!

About Chase

 Hey there, potential paw-rent! I’m the lovable canine you never knew you needed, and my foster parent is here to spill the doggy deets that’ll have you reaching for that adoption application.

I’m not just a dog; I’m a furry ball of love, so amazingly loving it’s practically a superpower. Need someone to cozy up to on the couch? I’m your cuddle champion. Lap-sitting expert? Check. Leaning in for those heart-melting moments? Absolutely, if you allow it.

Now, I’ve got a crate, and I know how to use it—no Houdini escapes here. Leash manners? Okay, so they could use a bit of improvement. I might lead you on a zigzag adventure, but hey, life’s too short for straight lines.

Sharing is caring, and I’m all about it—whether it’s toys, food, or chews, count me in. With other dogs? Well, I’m cool with them, moderately well-behaved when home alone, and I’ll even tolerate cats with a casual nod of indifference.

Favorite activities? Playful roughhousing is my jam, and walks are a close second. Left home alone, I’m moderately well-behaved—just don’t leave your shoes lying around; they might become my impromptu chew toys.

Meeting new people? I’m a bit like a cup of coffee; I need a little time to warm up, but once I do, prepare for a burst of energy and charm.

In a nutshell, I’m the perfect blend of goofiness and charm, ready to turn your home into a laughter-filled, tail-wagging haven. So, what do you say? Ready to add a dash of fur-tastic fun to your life?


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