• Born: Sep 2016
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Weight: 47 lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Energy: low to medium
  • Kids: No, thank you
  • Dogs: Needs to meet them first
  • Cats: No experience

Frodo could have never made it this far without Sam!

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2020)

Like their namesakes, these two are a dynamic duo that has formed the best of friendships!

A bit of an introvert! Frodo is a fun-loving pup, but he’s a little shy upon first encounters. He takes his time getting to know you, but once he knows you’re OK, the floodgates of love open up!

Walking machine! Frodo loves to take long leisurely strolls and show off his excellent leash manners. He does get excited when he sees it’s time to go for a walk, but he’s working on remembering those manners too!

Brotherly love! Frodo and Sam are not only best friends, but brothers! Frodo is very comfortable with Sam around and tends to worry when he isn’t there. Family ties, indeed!

Two is better than one and that is 100% true with these two!

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