• 1 year old
  • Male

I'm Grey - well, that's obviously my color but it's also my name!

About Grey

“I’m an independent kitty and although I might want to follow you around, I won’t get under your feet. I have an opinion on most things and will often let you know how I’m feeling. I love a good chat!

I’m a playful fellow and, if you have a little time for me, I love to chase string toys. But when you’re busy, I will happily entertain myself with anything soft and small that I can bat around. I’m quite inventive – just show me an empty box and I’ll show you a kitty fort!

When it’s time to relax, I like to indulge in the time-honored kitty pastime of dozing in the sun. Head scratches and soft strokes are always welcome, and I might take a quick lap nap from time to time.

I know I would be a good addition to your home and if you can give me a chance, I would be so Grey-teful!”


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