• Born: Jun 2012
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Weight: 51
  • Gender: Male
  • Energy: medium
  • Health: Epilepsy and hypothyroidism that is well managed on medications
  • Kids: No, thank you
  • Dogs: No, thank you
  • Cats: Absolutely!

Sponsor Gus

All this clever, affectionate, and eccentric pooch is looking for a home to call his own!

Gus came to the shelter when his owner abandoned him, and nobody really knows why. Was it his Resting Grouch Face (RGF)? His allergy to exercise? His firm abhorrence of tortilla chips or his obsession with french fries?

We’ve come to the conclusion that Gus was unwanted because of his distinct un-dogginess. He flat out circumvents the norms of doggie society. Not to say that he doesn’t do some dog things – he likes Kongs, is crate-trained, and knows so many tricks, including Sit, Down, Stay, Spin, Touch, and Gimme a Kiss! He’s just got some preferences that are a bit different.

Dogs usually enjoy: lots of physical activity, walks, trips to the dog park, etc.
Gus enjoys: A consistent schedule, which includes cuddle time, nap time, feeding time, and visits to the backyard to (very briefly) chase a toy or two. A yard is a must for this boy!

Dogs usually like: fresh air.
Gus likes: air conditioning.

Dogs usually want: to chase cats.
Gus wants: to give cats the right of way.

Dogs usually prefer: to have plenty of canine and human friends.
Gus prefers: alone time with you (and our cats?).

Dogs usually need: Heaps of expensive toys.
Gus needs: A comfy couch and a backyard.

Dogs usually accompany you: on field trips.
Gus would accompany you: on a Netflix date.

Gus might be closer to a housecat than a housedog; he’s certainly not what most folks expect. What we know for sure is that Gus is a great companion for an easy-going person with lots of love to give.

Apartment Status: Gus would prefer to live in a house; apartments can be challenging for him.

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