• 6 years old
  • Male

A beautiful boy looking for his forever family!

About Hanky

“Hello! My name is Hanky, which is a little unusual, I know. After a bit of thought, I’ve decided it suits me and here’s why – you know how when you have a sniffle, there’s nothing like a hanky for a good, satisfying blow? Well, when you feel a little low, there’s no one like Hanky for a good satisfying boost! I’m a champion cheerer-upper!

I’m friendly and social and appreciate a good conversation. I love to keep my foster parents company and will happily spend a relaxing evening snuggled on the couch. I am also good at entertaining myself and enjoy playing with balls, small stuffed toys and treat balls. If you’re kind enough to play with a wand toy, I will keep you entertained too! Wait til you see how high I can jump – you’ll be amazed at my mid-air flips!

My very favorite thing is to be petted. I love strokes, scritches and scratches. I’ve been known to roll around in ecstasy if you find the right spot!

And that’s what I’m looking for – the right spot for me. Do you have it? A small spot in your heart for a loving, hopeful kitty? If so, please give me the chance to fill it.”



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