• 1 year old
  • Male

I promise to take good care of you

About Isaiah

“Who’s that peeking up over the pillow looking at you?  It’s me—Isaiah! Can you tell by my face that I’m so excited? I’m a kitty eager to meet my new forever human, so if you see me checking you out then it’s only because I’m looking to see if you’re the one. You see, curiosity defines my personality and I’m just as curious about you as you are about me so maybe I should ask you some questions.

Do you like to play? I absolutely love to play with toys that move. Do you have a cat tree, or think you could maybe buy me one? I love to climb to climb to the tippy top and survey my surroundings. Do you have other kitties?  I love to socialize with cat friends, but I’m also just fine to be the only fur baby in your life. I’m pretty purrfect if I do say so myself, and you look perfect to me too, if you have a safe home, warm lap, and loving arms for snuggles. So, let’s meet and get excited about life together.”


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