Jack Skellington

  • 3 years old
  • Male

What’s this?! Your new best friend!

About Jack Skellington

Hi there! My name is Jack Skellington but I happen to think I’m a little more handsome than my namesake!

I’ve been described as an “absolute love bug” and I’ve found that it’s easy to love kind people. If you take good care of me, I’ll try to take good care of you! I give excellent snuggles and I’m a good listener if you need a sympathetic ear.

Up until quite recently, my main focus in life was just getting by. I haven’t had time to discover favorite games or toys yet.  But I’m brave and curious and ready for fun!  If it all gets too much, I might take a nap in a cozy hidey-hole, then reappear for more adventures.

Love is the best gift I have to give and love is the gift I’d most like to receive. Would you be willing to trade? We could be purr-fect partners.


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