• 9 months old
  • Male

Cute and cuddly with a warrior spirit!

About Joey

“What’s on your wish list this year?  If it’s a cute, cuddly kitten you can check it off right now cause I’ve got that one covered.

I’m Joey, and I’m cute and cuddly times a million. I’m also super friendly and get along with pretty much anyone—other kitties, kids, and even friendly dogs if you happen to have one.  I’ve got a warrior spirit that helped me through a tough start in life and made me into the amazing biscuit maker I am today.

I have acrobatic abilities that will astound you and a purr that will melt your heart.  Not to mention the most adorable little black beard. The best part is that I’m ready and waiting to make your wishes come true, because on the top of my wishlist is going home with you!”


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