• 2 years old
  • 50.4 lbs
  • Female

I'm looking for a home where I can share my love and kindness!

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About Katarina

Meet Katarina, a dog whose sweet, mellow personality is impossible to resist. Her friendly demeanor is heartwarming, and her cuddly nature is a comfort to everyone she meets. Katarina is well-mannered, displaying her good behavior in all situations. She gets along with other dogs, making her a great addition to any home with other furry friends. Her gentle, loving nature is evident in all her interactions, and her calmness is a soothing presence. Katarina is a wonderful companion, and her love is a gift that keeps on giving. Adopt Katarina to experience the joy of her sweet and friendly companionship.

Energy Level

I love a good run around the backyard or just walks around the neighborhood.


Meh. I could take it or leave it.

Friendly with strangers

Yes, with proper introductions.


I'm a super considerate housemate.


I’d do well in a home with children (5+)




Probably! With proper introductions, I could get along with cats.


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