Laverne & Shirley

  • Born: Sep 2020
  • Gender: Female
  • Energy: medium
  • Health: Deaf (Laverne)
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: No, thank you
  • Cats: It's a possibility

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Laverne and Shirley are a bonded pair looking for their forever home!

Laverne and Shirley are a bonded pair of ferrets looking for their forever home! Both are self confident little weasels that adapt quickly to new situations.

Laverne (Blaze)

DOB: 2020 • Female • Deaf

She is a special little girl who will be a wonderful companion for her forever human!

  • She is a kisser but does not like to be held for very long. 
  • She is very inquisitive, playful and seeks human attention. 
  • She startles easily but does not react with fear or aggression.
  • She actively seeks human attention by nosing at your feet or ankle. She can be a foot nipper.
  • She loves to follow you around like a dog. If you keep moving, she will keep following!
  • She warms up to new situations and people very quickly.
  • Not a climber and not crazy about being held upside down.
  • Plays hard and then puts herself in her cage for a nap. 
  • Prefers potty papers and will potty in the same spot consistently!!
  • Likes tunnels and hammocks.
  • She will assert herself and puff tail when challenged. She is a dominant female.

Waardenburg Syndrome creates beautiful white markings on a grey coat. It is also almost always associated with deafness in ferrets. Laverne has no idea she is deaf! If you hold her against your chest, just under your chin, then talk to her, she will hold still like she is listening to you. Not for long, but for a ferret, it is an eternity!

Shirley (Sable)

DOB: 2020 • Female

She is a fun, healthy little girl!

  • Shirley is a climber, explorer, and hoarder. 
  • She is a foot and ankle nipper when seeking attention, but she loves human interaction!
  • Not a snuggler currently, but in the right situation she could be.
  • Very potty trained!!
  • She is a typical happy, playful inquisitive weasel. She is more submissive but still outgoing.
  • Puts herself to bed after she is done playing.

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