• 8 months old
  • Female

A life without me would be unbe-leaf-able!

About Leafeon

“Gracious! I might have to hide under this rug. Lots of people are looking at me. I hope that my new family comes for me soon. I don’t like to be alone. I know that my family will understand that and will let me cuddle up with them. If you want to read or watch TV, I’ll happily attach myself to you to keep you company. If you give me loving pets as you relax, my sweetness will envelop us. 

 Don’t get the idea that I just laze around. Playing with a fishing pole for kitties is exciting and I love to chase around, just for the fun of it. I think another kitty companion would be nice to have (hint hint). Please hurry to come and take me home! We don’t want to waste our cuddle time.”


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