• Born: Sep 2017
  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Male
  • Health: Special Dietary Needs
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: Absolutely!
  • Cats: It's a possibility

I am mans best friend, in cat form!

Why we love Linus–and you should too!

“Hi, I’m Linus and I’m looking for a new home.  I was adopted as a kitten but unfortunately I was diagnosed with some health issues that my new family couldn’t handle.  Don’t worry, it’s just something called megacolon.  I take medication and have a special diet that keeps everything in check! Luckily, I am a sweet boy and make the process on my caregivers super easy!  Meeting me, you would never even know.  I am super active and love to play, explore and meet new friends.

I would be so happy if there is already a cat friendly dog in the family.  I make friends with dogs FAST, so I hope your pup is up for some play time.  Sometimes, I think I might have been born in the wrong body.  I act so much  like a dog, I even prefer big dog toys as opposed to lame cat mice! I can be a bit socially awkward with other cats, I get along with them but sometimes they don’t care for me.  Dogs are just easier, they don’t care if I follow their every step, chase them around and be there little brother who tags along!  Something that is very important to me is that my litter box stays clean; that makes life much better.  I hope my (easily managed) medical care doesn’t scare you off in meeting your, and your dogs, new best friend!

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