• Born: May 2015
  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: No experience
  • Cats: It's a possibility

Looking for a fresh start!

Loki is a gorgeous tabby who loves to have your attention. He has little black ear tufts, impressive whiskers and wide eyes that see everything. He enjoys talking and cuddling. He even likes belly rubs and will roll over for them. Chin scratches are his absolute favorite! Loki is a shadow cat and will follow you around when not napping. He likes to visit you in the bathroom and will jump on the bath tub to be petted. He thinks water is fascinating and will also sit on the bathtub while you’re in it!

He loves being next to you while working from home, preferably under a little heat lamp for extra cozy factor. He has a special little move where he raises himself up on his hind legs to be petted, like a meer cat. I call it his special dolphin move. 

Loki looooves food and will put his paw on your hand when you’re eating a snack to ask what you’ve got. Beware the popcorn pizza pirate because he will run off with a bite when you’re not looking! His favorite treats are dried chicken hearts and he knows the command for sit. A closed fist and then a treat.

Loki lost his littermate a year ago and misses having a furry friend very much. He and his brother used to spoon and snuggle together. He is very playful and likes to chase his companions from room to room. His favorite toys are the ribbon wand and yeooow catnip bananas. He will pounce, kick, bathe and bite them all day long. He’s getting older so likes to sleep most of the time but knows meal and snack times; mustn’t miss those!

Loki’s sounds are very special. He has many different meows, chirps and trills. His purrs are also varied and he will shimmy shake his tail when he’s really happy. He is also obsessed with shoes and will treat them like his catnip banana toys or sleep with his face in them.

Loki will put his paw on your hand and give you long slow blinks while purring. He loves with his whole heart and body!

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