• 1 year old
  • 61 lbs
  • Male

Looking for a grande adventure!

About Macchiato

Hey there, I’m Macchiato!

So, here’s the brew: Affection and I have a casual relationship. I’m cool with it, but I won’t be pestering you for cuddles during your favorite TV show. When it comes to other dogs? Think of me as that friendly barista; I usually strike up a good chat with most!

Love to jog or take leisurely strolls? Perfect, ’cause I’m game for anything from backyard marathons to breezy neighborhood walks. Kiddos? If they’re more “giggles and play” than “scream and shout,” we’re going to be best buds in no time.

Meeting new folks? Well, I’m kind of like your morning coffee—might be a tad lukewarm at first, but I’ll soon be the warm and comforting presence you didn’t know you needed!

Now, a bit of a bitter note in my cup: I was left at the shelter one day. But no worries, I’m keeping my spirits up and my tail wagging, searching for my forever home. So, fancy a Macchiato in your life? Let’s make it a grande adventure!”



Friendly with strangers





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