• Born: Sep 2019
  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: It's a possibility
  • Cats: It's a possibility

I’m as close to purr-fection as a kitten can be!

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2020)

“I don’t know how I got separated from my mom when I was very little, but I did so I struck out on my own to find some food.  Along the way I got a little hurt and sick but thank goodness I wandered into a yard and meowed very loudly. My fosters heard meowing, scooped me up, took me inside and kept me until I got bigger.  That’s just an example of how bold I can be.

I’m a friendly explorer and I’m not scared of cats, dogs or strangers.  Please feel free to pet me, hold me or let me sit in your lap; I love  ‘em all. I play, but not like a crazy kitten who swings from the chandelier!  I’m much more laid back than most kittens my age, plus I’m very well behaved.  See, I’m as close to purr-fection as a kitten can be.  Ask for Mitzi and you’ll get a companion who can’t be beat!”

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