• Born: Aug 2020
  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Female
  • Health: Good
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: It's a possibility
  • Cats: Absolutely!

I love to carry toys around in my mouth!

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2021)

“My name is Nimue and my mom was just a babe herself when she had me and my 4 littermates under some stairs, on the hot cement.  She tried her best but just didn’t know where she should have us.  My foster mom found us when we were just a few hours old and needed to get out of the heat.  I’ve been living indoors ever since.  I like kids as long as they’re not too loud or rough, but get a dog close to me and I’ll let out a BIG hiss!

Carrying toys in my mouth and putting them all over the house is one of my tricks.  Another trick I do is when my mom is getting ready to feed me I let her know I’m ready to eat by sitting up on my hind legs and wave my front arms and say, “bring it on.”  When my mom leaves the room, I run to the door and sit and wait for her to come back; if she takes a rest on the couch, I’ll sit next to her and sometimes I’ll have a quick sit in her lap.  I’m a friendly, sweet girl who is anxious to find a family of my own.  When we meet, I might just have a toy in my mouth”!

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