• 1 year old
  • Up to 60 lbs as an adult
  • Female

Fictional assassin, slaying with my cuteness!

About Nykerrian

“I’m tiny but mighty, a fictional character from book, who swore to protect the humans she loved. You can expect the same loyalty from me. Although I’m brand new here and growing, eating, exploring, getting ready for a pool party…. Those are all so exhausting. So, once I’m done with the exploring and adventuring, I need naps.

I might be young, but I’ve learned some tricks! Well, maybe not a trick, but I’m getting pretty good at potty trained and I am an early riser. I’m ready to go outside to potty, explore, then have some breakfast and a bit of fun! I like soft cloth toys to play with, and then, it’s really time for another nap.

I love snuggles and cuddles. I’m fuzzy as can be.

Won’t you come to Friends For Life and meet me?”


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