• 13 years old
  • Male

Ready to give love another chance

About Odie

“My life story? Pull up a chair, this could take a while. My first time at Friends For Life, I was minutes away from being euthanized. I was dirty, and unwell from dental issues. That was all fixed and I had a new outlook on life and loved my food once I could chew pain free….even though I don’t have any teeth left!

Then I got adopted and life was good. There was a  nice dog there, who I didn’t mind after a while but despite all of my hard work and charming ways, I find myself back with Friends For Life.

So, you see, I have faced many challenges, but I am still open to love. I love company and snuggle time. I don’t need a bunch of toys, but I still know how to play and entertain. I don’t suffer fools, but I mean, who does? I am willing to try again. My vision board has a cozy bed, warm lap, LOTS of Fancy Feast and a yummy treat or two. Help me make my dream come true and find my forever, loving home.”


FIV+. Ask a staff member for more information

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