• 1 year old
  • Male

Hi! I'm Pippen and I've just popped up to say hello!

About Pippen

“I’m a bright little kitty, looking for a family to call my own. I don’t have much experience with other animals, but I do know I’m partial to humans! I’m always ready for a scritch on the head or a gentle stroke along my back. I’m packed full of snuggles, never happier than when I’m curled up close to someone I love. In fact, I have so much love to give that I’m positively overflowing with it!

I’m also great entertainment, bouncing along after ping-pong balls or “stalking” a feathered wand. I enjoy exploring new spaces and am always curious about anything you might be doing. Show me an empty box and I’ll show you an endless source of amusement!

At the end of the day, I’ll be eager to hop into your lap for a cozy doze and will follow you to bed, if I’m allowed!

Do you have room for a small, furry pal with ears attuned to the sound of your voice and eyes full of love? If so, look no further! You won’t find a kitty sweeter than me!”


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