• Born: Jul 2019
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Weight: 45-55 lbs as an adult
  • Gender: Female
  • Energy: medium to high
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: It's a possibility
  • Cats: No, thank you

A playful pup with a prizewinning personality!

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2020)

This pretty pup was found by a good Samaritan and brought to FFL to start the search for her forever home.  She is starting to show off her upbeat personality in foster care and is looking forward to meeting her new family so she can really experience what it’s like to be home at last.

Perfect pal!  Portia will be your best friend.  She adores her humans and wants to spend every minute she has with them! Whether following her buddies around or cuddling up during breaks from her active lifestyle, Portia is happiest as long as she is with the people she loves the most. 

Perky and peppy! This playful pup is very active and loves to have a great time! Whether entertaining herself with her favorite toys or playing with her pals, Portia loves to be on-the-go. With Portia, plenty of stimulation and appropriate outlets for her energy are vital. She is full of bright, bouncy energy and will undoubtedly keep you on your toes in the best possible way!

Praiseworthy progress! Learning to trust and listen to her new friends has been this cutie’s biggest challenge. This smart cookie has been working on crate training, leash training, and all sorts of tricks! So far Portia is learning to stay calm in the crate when left alone, to walk on a leash without getting too excited, to sit before she gets a toy, and to enjoy her calmer moments in the day.  Portia would love a family ready to pick up where her foster leaves off and continue with her training.  She would thrive in a home willing to be patient with her during this adjustment period as she grows into the dog she was always meant to be.

Does Portia sounds like the perfect pick for you? Come meet this precious pupper today!

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