• Born: Jun 2015
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Weight: 68
  • Gender: Male
  • Energy: high
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: Needs to meet them first
  • Cats: No experience

Big, sweet, soft, and white - Rocky is a marshmallow of a dog!

Why we love Rocky–and you should too!

Marshmallow Fluff! Rocky is affectionately known as a marshmallow dog and not just because of his lovely white coat. He is the kind of dog who just wants to be loved – all the time and in every way. He has so much love to give and he lives for attention from his humans. His favorite thing to do is to snuggle up next to the people he adores most and receive pats and cuddles. He doesn’t know his own size and definitely thinks he is a tiny lapdog!

Bright and Bubbly! Rocky is a dog with a lot of energy and would do well in a home that can provide appropriate outlets to expend that energy. He likes to chase his toys and go on nice walks that tire him out. He is a canny canine who learns fast and already knows lots of things! Among other basics, he knows “sit”, “stay”, “lay down”, “go outside”, and “to your bed”. He does well in the crate when left home alone but prefers to have something to chew so he is not bored. He aims to please when it comes to training and is likely to learn fast since he is so smart.

Room to Grow! Because of Rocky’s uncertain past, he can be uncomfortable around strangers in his home. It takes him time to relax around them and usually requires slower introductions involving affection and treats. Once he warms up, he is glad to welcome them into his home and make new friends. He would be happiest in a home that is willing to work with him as he builds confidence through training and continues to make progress with strangers.

Rocky is a gentle giant of a 68 lb. dog with a happy wagging tail and a smile that is contagious. He is looking for a forever home that is just right for his needs. Apply to meet Rocky today!

Apartment Status: Rocky would prefer to live in a house; apartments can be challenging for him.

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