• Born: May 2021
  • Breed: DLH
  • Gender: Female
  • Health: Good
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: No experience
  • Cats: Absolutely!

I will always be excited to see you!

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2021)

“Hi, my name is Rory! You’d never believe it, but I used to be almost bald.  In fact, both my sister, Lorelei, and I had so much missing hair, we looked like two goofy aliens. You see, we were pulled from a shelter after it was discovered we not only had ringworm, we had itchy lice! We really didn’t care what we looked like and at only 4 weeks old, we were the most out-going, affectionate kittens in the shelter!

I live for you affection and I will give it back tenfold.  You will quickly find that I am one of the most social, affectionate and loving little baby! When I am not busy taking up all of your attention, I love to play! Running, jumping, rolling are all things I excel at! I will always look over to you to make sure you are watching how my tunnel dodging or front flips are improving. I would fit into any type of environment.  I get along great with cats and I think with cat-friendly dogs, I could make fast friends!

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