• Born: Dec 2018
  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: No experience
  • Cats: It's a possibility

I’m getting braver every day; no more hiding!

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2020)

“My mom got very sick and had to go to the hospital.  When the volunteers from FFL came to our house to feed and try to rescue me, I hid from them with my brother, Arliss for days.  I was happy they brought food and gave me water.  My mom came home one day for a few hours and I came running out to her!  She loved on me and said she had to move; she couldn’t take me with her.  My name is Rosie; I miss my mom and I’m looking for a new home. 

I’m the shyest one of the group; my mom had 3 of us.  It might take me a little time for us to become friends so please be patient with me.  I do love to be with my brother, Arliss.  It would be wonderful if he and I could go to the same family; we’d make a wonderful pair of loving kitties for you and we’d be so happy.  I have a favor to ask my new family; could you send some pictures of me to my “first” mom? She would love to see how happy I am. Do you think you could be my forever family?  I hope so.”

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