• 10 months old
  • Female

I have a lifetime of love and purrs to share!

About Ruby

“Want to know a secret?  I think I love you.  I know, I know—we haven’t officially met, but I can tell already that you’re an awesome kind of human because you stopped to look at my picture. And why wouldn’t you?  I’m pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

I’m also a warrior princess that went from tiny, thirsty, and covered with fleas to strong, healthy, and ready to be the purrfect addition to your family. It’s no secret that I get along with almost everyone I meet—other kitties, kids, and friendly dogs alike.

You’ll fall in love with my curious and cuddly personality, and my acrobatic antics will make you smile. All I ask for is a fuzzy blanket for biscuit making and loving arms for cuddles. So how about it, are you in love yet?  I have a lifetime of love and purrs to share so apply to adopt me today.”


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