• 3 years old
  • Female

In search of a love connection with a special human

About Samira

“Isn’t love just wonderful? Loving and being loved are the two most special things in the world to me. If you feel that way too, I think we should meet.  My name is Samira and I’m looking for a love connection with a special human.

I’m not going to lie—I’ve had some rough times in my life. A not so loving human dumped me at a pizza hut. I didn’t hold it against the whole human race though because I was lucky enough to get rescued by one of the nice ones, who’s taken good care of me and my babies. I think it’s time for me to make a new life for myself now and I’m ready to find my soulmate.

Must-haves in my purrfect new life include lounging and loving. I love to hang out close to my human and get belly rubs and kisses. I love to chat and I’m a great listener too.  If you give me a chance, I’ll return your love 1,000 times over.  Adopt me today and we’ll start a love affair that lasts forever.”


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