• 7 months old
  • Male

My love is unconditional!

About Umbreon

“Guess what? I’m in love! And – I’m in love with people! Well, there might be a few that I don’t love – and they know who they are. But during my time of being rescued and then nursed back to health, I had to literally cling to people to survive, and I’m never going to stop clinging, let me tell you.

The love that has been given to me has been so outstanding that I decided I want to have my very own humans – several if possible! They will love me – I will love them – and life will be filled with endless possibilities! 

So, for every human that reads this, ask yourself, do you want boundless love in your home? Are you ready to become attached to a cat? (and I do mean this literally). If the answer is yes, I’m yours!”


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