• 7 years old
  • Female

Are you ready and willing to be mine?

About Vicky

“So, here’s the deal—I’ve had some ups and downs in my life that have resulted in some changes in living situations.  I’ve lived outside (hated that!) Inside with cats (not a huge fan), and inside with kids (not my favorite scenario either).  The bottom line is that I’m not difficult, I just know what I like and I’m smart enough to ask for it.

And what do I like? Well, I’m glad you asked because it can vary depending on my mood, but I always love love to play. If you have feather wands and sparkle balls, bring them on because playtime is my jam!  I’m okay with lap time if it doesn’t interfere with play, and pets are allowable too, if I’m the one asking for them. Does that make me demanding? No, I just prefer to call it discriminating.

The thing I like more than anything is companionship. I want a human who will love and appreciate me for the wonderful cat I am—who will give me space and let me call the shots once in a while. The special human that will give me that chance will be rewarded by me greeting you at the door when you come home or laying close by when you’re just chilling out.  I’ll be your loyal companion and a joy to have around once we arrive at a mutual understanding.  In other words, I’m looking for a long-term relationship and I’m ready and waiting to be your new best friend.  Are you ready and willing to be mine?”


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