• Born: Jun 2020
  • Breed: DMH
  • Gender: Male
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: Needs to meet them first
  • Cats: Absolutely!

Get ready, this friendly fluffball will steal your heart!

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2020)

“Unfortunately, I was found in a warehouse with my siblings by a “cat hater”.  We were soon to be poisoned when my fabulous foster mom and her friend saved us.  My name is Wilfred and I’m the friendliest fluffball ever.  If you think I’m friendly with people you should see me with other kitties; I love the resident kitties at my foster home.  Dogs are OK, too, but it takes me a little time to warm up to them.  I’m REALLY attached to my sister, Catherine and we would be ever so happy to be adopted together, please.  Only one adoption fee applies!

Food can entice me to do just about anything, even to come out of hiding when I’m a little scared.  I love hard, full body pets, I can be a chatterbox when I’m asking for attention and I could win a purring contest.  When it comes to sitting in your lap I can be quite the tease; half the time I love being there, the rest of the time I say, “No thanks.”  Mischief should be my middle name, but of course I look sweet and innocent when you catch me being mischievous. Biting and clawing aren’t my thing so nothing to be wary of there.  Don’t miss out on this exceptional kitten (and my sister) request a Meet and Greet today.”

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