• Born: Aug 2017
  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Gender: Male

Adopt Yeti

Strikingly handsome!

“High among the snowy peaks of Tibet, lives a mysterious, ape-like creature known as the Yeti…Okay, Okay—I don’t live on a mountain in Tibet, and I’m definitely not ape-like. There are some similarities though. Like the whole mysterious thing—how a strikingly handsome creature such as myself ended up at Friends for Life is a mystery even to me.

Stories about the Yeti say they’re supposed to be shy, aggressive, and dangerous.  Well, you’ve got me on one out of 3 of those. I am shy, that’s part of my mystery. I’ll need some time to get to know you before I feel comfortable enough to trust you.  Once I do, get ready for me to melt your heart with my vivid blue eyes that sparkle like the Northern Lights and a heart as big as Mount Everest.

With a little time and some tasty kitty treats, I’ll be ready to warm up to you. Are you ready to warm up to me?”

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