• Born: Nov 2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Health: Special diet
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: Absolutely!
  • Cats: No, thank you

I might have found my forever home! Check back soon!

I’m an alarm kitty and I snore!

Zeus is an absolute love and the easiest cat. He is very attached to the people he is comfortable with, preferring to be around them/near them. He flops on the ground when he’s happy to see me. He has the sweetest voice and is vocal when greeting me. He LOVES to be pet and will immediately start purring. He makes his own fun and will chase springs around on his own and pick different balls/mice out of the toy bucket if he wants to play with them instead.

Zeus’s foster says “He loves looking out a window and will sometimes chitter at things outside. He is SUPER gentle. While he takes a while to warm up to new people, with those he’s comfortable with you would never know he’s at all fraidy – he’s a totally normal, sweet, playful cat. His cute meows and love of being pet has made him a big hit amongst my friends.

He also LOVES a soft fleece blanket of any kind and will make adorable biscuits on it. If I could describe him in three words, it would be Loving, gentle, low maintenance.”

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