• 8 years old
  • Female

Worth the wait!

About Julieta

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “The best things in life are worth waiting for.” I mean, I’ve heard it, and I’m just a cat.  All I could think about when I heard those words is that I hope they’re true because I’ve been waiting a long time for a special human friend to come into my life and give me all the love and affection I deserve.  My name is Julieta, and I used to live outside in a feral colony with lots of other kitties.  I didn’t get much love and affection in that situation, but a nice lady saw how fabulous I was and took me into her home for awhile and I got a taste of the good life. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep me and now I find myself waiting for the best thing in my life to come. 

I’ll admit that I’m super shy with new people and situations, so it may take me awhile to warm up to you.  But once I trust you, I guarantee that I’m super sweet and love pets and attention. I’m quiet and chill and won’t demand too much playtime. Given a little time and patience, I’ll reward you by turning into a lap loving purr machine that will fill your life with love.  So how about it?  I’ve waited for you, will you wait for me?  If the answer is yes, then apply to adopt me today and I promise to become the very best thing in your life.



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