• 14 years old
  • Female

Young at heart.

About Kiki

“Hello! I’m Kiki, a very special kitty! I’m of a quality vintage, well seasoned and aged to perfection!

I’m wise enough to know when I’m being well cared for and will show my appreciation with a gentle purr. I’m a contented lady, happily whiling away the day in a comfy spot. If I have a view out the window and a little patch of sunshine, I will be in kitty heaven!

I don’t need much in the way of entertainment – although I might surprise you with an agile jump at a feathered wand or a pouncing gambol after a fuzzy ball! There’s life in the old kitty yet!

I’m young at heart and ready to start life again with a new family. All I need is a chance …”


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