• Born: Jan 2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Health: FIV+
  • Kids: No experience
  • Dogs: No experience
  • Cats: No, thank you

Adopt Marcos

I’m a loving survivor!

You’ve found one of our
‘hidden gem’ cats!

(That means their adoption fee is on us!)

“My name is Marcos and I’m an adorable orange tabby with white tips on my paws.  For some reason my owners abandoned me, and I was having a hard time making it on my own in the streets. My rescuers knew I wasn’t meant for that kind of life and brought me inside and got me all patched up; I had some injuries that are all healed up, now.  Anyway, I’m leaving that part of my life in the rear view mirror and I’m just looking forward to my new forever family.  I can be a little cautious until I get to know you, but once we’re buddies I love petting and sitting in your lap.  I’m the kind of guy who enjoys some time on his own, too, so please don’t take offense.

I’m somewhat of an explorer so I’ll go sniffing around the house just searching to see if I can find something or somewhere new and interesting.  I can also be quite chatty and vocal; sometimes it will be to tell you about my day and other times I think it’s because I was abandoned.  There are 3 other kitties in my foster home and they like to hiss at me when I come around them, but I just keep on walking and don’t pay any attention to them.   I’d much prefer to be the only cat so I can soak up the attention.  I’m quite smart, too, because once I had a scratcher to use I didn’t try to scratch on the furniture again.

In spite of the tough turn my life took, I’ve kept my loving heart, adorable looks and friendly personality.  I’m hoping you’ll ask me to extend my paw and join your family.  Ask to meet Marcos and let’s make it happen.”

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