• 8 months old
  • Female

A sweet, friendly and easy-going companion

About Midnight

Hi there! My name is Midnight and I’m so pleased to meet you.

I’m only a youngster but I’ve already raised a family – 7 kittens to care for! – and I was a good and devoted mama. Now that my little ones can fend for themselves, I am hoping to find my fur-ever home. So, in the hope that you can help me, I’ll tell you a few things about me.

I’m an intelligent young lady: sweet, friendly and easygoing. I am well behaved with excellent manners. I also have my playful moments and enjoy all kinds of kitty toys.

I am very affectionate and love to be gently petted. A chin scritch or a head scratch will send me into ecstasy!

I already know about love and devotion, and I have a very paw-sitive attitude about my future. All I need is someone to help me. Could that someone be you?”


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