• 2 years old
  • 52 lbs
  • Female

As sweet as her name!

About Peaches

Peaches is a playful pup that is ready to find her forever home. She is a perfect match for an active family. This good girl is certainly ready to bound right into your heart and home.

She is equal parts active and affectionate. She enjoys playing fetch but is still learning how to bring the ball back. After getting back from a nice, long walk, she is down to cuddle. She thinks of herself as a perfect lap dog – even if she does not always fit.

Peaches is a people person. She loves making friends with new people, especially if they are ready to play. She enjoys making friends with other female dogs, but she would like to say no thank you to male dogs.

Just like her name, Peaches is the sweetest. Her playful attitude, social nature, and loving heart will be a warm and welcome addition to any home!


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