• Born: Jan 2017
  • Breed: Persian
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: It's a possibility
  • Cats: It's a possibility

She might look spooky, but she’s sweet

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2019)

Spooky was found on the street in rough shape, which is a real shame because she was born to be pampered. After getting the care she needed, she quickly perked up and started demanding special attention, as is her right. She enjoys the finest deli meats, but will settle for only the best quality wet food, if you must. She also loves to chat. We hope you don’t want to get a word in, because she will dominate the conversation, though we promise you’ll never get tired of hearing her tell you about her day. For the 4th time in a row. You’ll never feel unloved in her presence though, because while she’s busy making you cater to her every whim, she’ll also make sure you know how much she loves you, it’s only fair.

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