Foster Me!


  • Born: Aug 2017
  • Weight: 69 lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Health: Special diet

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Soccer and Snoozles!

Apollo is a sweet boy who will easily win over your heart. His many nick names are PeePaw, Mr. Sensitive and Sweetie boy!

He’s a good companion on walks and loves playing with his toys. He’s especially great at soccer (see video below!) and he does super spins when he is happy (see the other video below)! He loves playing with select other dogs, especially puppies!

When it is not time for play, you can find him taking a nice snooze…. most likely in a bed that is too small for him. He really doesn’t know what size he is!

Apollo’s big smile and affable nature will make him an excellent addition to your home. He may need some time to get to know you a bit better first before feeling comfortable around you. But once he does, he will undoubtedly open up to show you how affectionate – and cuddly – he truly is.

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