Audrey Hupbun

  • 2 years old
  • Female

Breakfast at Tiffany's anyone?

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About Audrey Hupbun

Introducing Audrey Hepbun, the fluffy and fabulous bunny who’s as enchanting as her namesake! Audrey brings a touch of glamour to every hop, with a personality that’s both charming and heartwarming. At first glance, she might seem a tad shy, but once you earn her trust, you’ll discover a friendlier bunny you couldn’t resist cuddling with.

Audrey’s favorite pastime? Lounging in her cozy ex-pen, where she orchestrates her surroundings with impeccable style. She’s a true diva of the bunny world, spreading joy and cuteness wherever her soft paws take her. And here’s the best part: Audrey isn’t just a solo act – she’s shown a curiosity towards her foster siblings, making her an ideal candidate for bunny bonding!

So, if you’re ready to invite a touch of elegance and endless love into your home, Audrey Hepbun is waiting to hop right into your heart. Let the enchantment begin! 🌟🐰💕



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