• Born: Dec 2005
  • Breed: DSH
  • Gender: Female
  • Kids: It's a possibility
  • Dogs: It's a possibility
  • Cats: It's a possibility

Adopt Audrey

Searching for a calm home where I can be myself.

Why we love Audrey–and you should too!

“My mom took me in as a tiny kitten and bottle fed me so I could be big and strong. We had a wonderful life together, but she got very sick and had to go to the hospital. When the volunteers from FFL came to our house to feed me and try to rescue me, I ran out to greet them! My mom had to move and couldn’t take me with her. My name is Audrey; I miss my mom and I’m looking for a new home. 

Two years ago mom brought two kittens to our home; what was she thinking? I tolerated one when she grew up, but I didn’t like the other one. I would love a home where I’m the only fur child, where the atmosphere is calm and peaceful, and where my new mom and/or dad know how to “enjoy the moment” … lots of tv watching, book reading, and all of us stretching out on the couch! Could you be my forever family? I hope so.” – <3 Audrey

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7 Dec 2019
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